Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cleaning Up The Dust

Sunday was spent cleaning the basement and trying to remove the thick layer of chicken dust that covered the walls, ceiling, floor and all the collected "junk" that occupies the basement storeroom.  I took the opportunity to get rid of a few items like a broken vacuum cleaner and Ross's childhood fishing poles, but largely I just dusted and rearranged the piles.  It does look neater down there but the dust is going to be with us for some time.  Perhaps this week, and every week for the rest of the summer, I should damp mop the floor and open the doors to air it out.  I think the chicken dust will be a part, albeit a small part, of this house till it gets its next owner who renovates or at least repaints everything.

Next I moved to the garage, which was inch deep in sawdust, tools and about 15 boxes of nail, screws, staples etc, all of which had somehow been opened but barely used.  My dreams of returning lots of unused items to the Depot were totally dashed.  I now am well prepared to build a chicken house if anyone else wants one.  There is also a lot of leftover wood scrap.  So it all needed to be hauled out, swept out, and neatly rearranged if I ever wanted to pull my car into the garage again.

It was a beautiful day and by 4 I was exhausted but happy to crack open a bottle of wine and show off the new outdoor coop to some friends that came by.  Our friend Robin, is our canary in the coal mine when it comes to chicken dust.  Unfortunately, after all my labor we did not pass.  It's a work in progress.

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