Monday, March 28, 2011


At the end of the blog there is a post a comment box...thank you to all of you that have managed to read my post to the end...I know it's long but this is three weeks of catching everyone up.  Next ones will be shorter.  I hope many of you will post comments to the blog and sign up as followers ...that way I don't need to send email alerts when I post and no one will be left out.  Thanks.


  1. good luck. I enjoyed reading about the your new passion. Looking forward to the eggs

  2. Donna,
    I am extremely excited about your new adventure & passion. You always seem to find a way to help yourself by learning new things, while helping others & your community! How could your children be anything but PROUD of such a continually growing, thriving & adventuresome mom. I might threaten to come for a visit and attempt to learn some of your skills of building, vegetable growing & raising chickens. In a disaster it is your skills & connections with your community that will keep your loved ones thriving. I truly believe water & food may soon become more valuable than $. You are a true inspiration finding the joy in continually learning new things & always giving back to others. Kudos for giving Steve credit too! I wish you two were closer & I might just give up my day/evening job for the work that you have found so rewarding; i.e. become a real world 'follower', not just a virtual 'follower'. (I might even be inspired to check it out locally) Mazel Tov!!

  3. Fabulous! I think this might be the antidote to the empty nest syndrome: suburban chicken ranching. You've really reflected the satisfaction that many folks who raise birds mention. And our dog Missy (who adores a good broasted bird herself) really enjoys visiting and sniffing around those peepers!