Friday, June 17, 2011

Life At Restoration Farm

The chickens, I no longer think of them as chicks, are doing well at the farm.  I recently stained the coop a lovely barn red and it looks really sharp.

 Several days after that Dan bolted the coop to the back of his tractor and drove it to a new, more central location, at the farm.  The girls are now working 3 farm beds that will be planted later in the season with fall cabbages.  Their first location was just in a fallow area.  Now I feel they are being integrated into the farm process and are real workers.  They are eating cover crop of oats, peas and vetch and this, along with their droppings will be turned under to nourish the soil for the cabbages.  Each week the coop, and every few weeks the fencing, moves down the 150' long bed.

Since I have to be at the farm every evening to put the chickens to bed I have been encouraging friends to come and join me at the farm in the early evenings to watch the sunset.  It is a spectacular time of day at the farm.  It is peaceful and gorgeous and increasingly there are yummy things to taste like asparagus and snap peas and strawberries.  I also make sure to have chilled white wine and an array of delicious appetizers to round out the table spread.   Everyone that has ever taken me up on the offer has asked when they can come back and do it again.  It's wonderful.  The Habitat coup building crew came to check on the girls and got to know the Restoration pigs and oxen as well.  When the chickens got in the way of our plans with friends Linda and Bill Levine on the Saturday night of Memorial Day weekend we moved the party to the farm and had a surprising adventure in dining.
Linda and Bill Levine joining Steve in a toast

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  1. I was just reading T.W's post about your chickens at Restoration Farm. I had to drop by and say hello.

    Your new hen house looks very sharp indeed!